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  1. Predator Weapons (Movies)

    The wristblades were the debut weapon of the Predator. In Predator 1987, the Jungle Hunter would use these blades for close quarters combat. The wristblades are knives that extend from a gauntlet located on the wrist.

    Plasma Castor (Light)
    The signature weapon of the Predator in the first film. Also known as the Shoulder Cannon, this weapon fires plasma bursts that take out targets from a distance. The Predator locks on to targets with its helmet.

    This neat weapon premiered in Predator 2 (1990). It is a light weapon that fires a projectile net that tightens on its victim. It is yet to be confirmed if it tightens to the point of killing its victim.
    Plasma Castor (Heavy )
    The Shoulder Cannon of the Predator from the second film. This weapon shoots a hotter form of plasma that sticks and burns through its enemies. It is only used by the City Hunter twice throughout the film.

    Smart Disc
    The SmartDisc is a weapon that belonged to the City Hunter. It was the same weapon used by Harrigan to slay the Predator. It locks automatically onto targets when it is used as a projectile.
    This weapon has become a fan favorite. It first appeared in Predator 2 (1990). The weapon could be used for melee combat as well as a projectile weapon when it is thrown by the Predator.
    Wrist Launcher
    One of the many projectile weapons found in the City Hunter's arsenal. It is a projectile that explodes upon contact. It comes from the gauntlet located on the Predator's left arm. It doesn't appear to come back in any further films.

    This weapon first appeared in the second film. It is a projectile weapon that is fairly compact. It is yet to be confirmed if it was launched from the Predator's gauntlet or from an actual gun. It is made of an unknown alloy.

    Predator Hound
    The Predator Hounds first appeared in Predators (2010). The hounds are called upon to scatter the human characters. They are a resilient alien species that seem to be able to survive bullets.

    More of a tool than a weapon, it first appeared in the third film, Predators (2010). It was used by the Falconer Super Predator as a means of tracking. It draws very similar characteristics to a drone.
  2. Jungle Hunter

    The Jungle Hunter was the first ever Predator to ever appear on the big screen. It is sometimes referred to as the Classic Predator, it is a design that has been returned to many times; both in the films and the expanded universe. This Predator engaged Dutch's team in South America and eventually died when Dutch devised a trap where a broken log fell on top of it. The aesthetics of this Predator is simpler than the design seen in later designs. The Jungle Hunter mask came back in Predators (2010).

    City Hunter

                   The City Hunter premiered in Predator 2 (1990) and was fairly different from the Jungle Hunter for a few reasons. One, the City Hunter had a much larger array of weapons at his disposal; Two, it hunted in the city of Los Angelos and thus specialized in a different type of prey; Three, its ship landed with it whereas the Jungle Hunter was dispatched from space. The City Hunter seemed to be a strong brawler and intelligent enough to escape being captured by Keyes' team in the slaughterhouse. The trophy case that was seen on the ship implies that the City Hunter is quite experienced in hunting all sorts of species throughout the cosmos. 

    Predator Elder

    The Elder Predator appeared in the last scene of Predator 2 (1990) where it revealed itself before Harrigan after he defeated the City Hunter. Its age is merely up to speculation but it can be confirmed that it lived before 1718 as it gave Harrigan a flintlock pistol for his victory against the City Hunter. The Elder Predator doesn't seem to appear with any masks but it does possess a short katana-like sword which could be considered as its signature weapon. 

    Super Predators

    1. Managing Director
    2. Managing Director
    3. Managing Director
    4. Managing Director
                   The Super Predators are a different breed of Predator that first premiered in Predators (2010). These Predators are much larger than the previous breeds seen in prior films. A Super Predator was victorious when it was engaged in combat with one of the standard Predators, loosely indicating that it is a stronger version. The Super Predators are said to reverse engineer weaponry that managed to kill one of their own, testing it out next hunting season on their reserve planet. They battle standardized Predators periodically, sometimes making trophies out of them or using their bodies for one of their rituals.

    Mega Predator

    The Mega Predator is a hybridized Predator released from a government laboratory to fight off the standardized Predator. It will appear in The Predator (2018)  and is much taller and larger than even a Super Predator. Not much is known of this Predator as of yet.
  3. Jungles

    Predators commonly hunt within Jungles, the reason for this is because the forestry along with the humid heat provides them the best livable conditions for them to perform at optimum capacity. We first see this setting being used in Predator (1987), the Predator in that film usually is immersed completely in the setting which provides it the best camouflage. The high trees allow for the Predator to leap from one place to another nimbly and without bringing much attention to it. In the first film, it became impossible for the Commandos to properly track the Predator as it was able to escape and execute assaults in multiple different angles. It was not until the team made a trap that they were able to catch it; although it was brief, the team managed to gather some intel on it. Of course, this was short lived as the Predator managed to pick off the entire team one by one leaving the protagonist, Dutch; to completely fend for himself. What proceeded was a grueling amount of effort in designing an effective strategy. But since the jungle is the Predator's niche, the strategy eventually failed.

     Predator 2 1990

                  A different kind of jungle was introduced in Predator 2 (1990); a concrete one. This idea originated from a comic known as Predator Concrete Jungle where the new jungle setting was an urban one as opposed to the conventional definition of what a jungle is. The idea that a city is a jungle is more or less a metaphor representing the wild lifestyle exhibited by a city's inhabitants. In Predator 2 (1990)  we see the Predator taking out gangsters caught in the middle of a turf war on the streets of Los Angelos. The city is in the middle of a heatwave and is a bit further in the future from when the film was released in theaters. The conflict gave reasons for the Predator to choose this specific location to hunt. Granted, it was still able to use heights and effective camouflage given its circumstances albeit in a different schematic from the previous film.

    Predators 2010

    The jungle setting in the movie Predators (2010) is a throwback to the original Predator movie. The difference here, however, is that instead of being located in a South American country it is located on a foreign planet. This jungle functioned like a game reserve where elite soldiers from around the world are brought together to be hunted by a breed of Predators superior to what we had been formally introduced to in the past. These Super Predators would also develop better weaponry and tactics everytime one of their comrades perishes in the reserve. It is still to be known whether these Predators intend to use the reserve for more than just game like military or initiate training. From what could be gathered about this reserve, the climate provides heat and humidity much like the jungle in the first debut but these Predators don't seem to travel through high places based on their bulky size. The game reserve jungle is littered with corpses from last season's game and possesses other types of alien species such as the River Ghost which seems to suggest that the reserve is not merely just for humans.
  4. Premier

    The Predator first came to the big screen on June 12th, 1987 in the movie Predator (1987)

    The film's budget was between $15-18 million. In its initial release in America, it grossed $59,735,548.  Collectively, the film grossed $98,267,558 worldwide at the box office. The remaining amount came from the $38,532,010 that was made overseas 

    The critical reception for the movie was fairly mixed at the time with the plot being said to be the weakest part of the entire film. Other critics also mentioned that the movie was kind of boring in that it was considered just an average action flick. Some detested, however, that it was above average.

    The film starred Arnold Schwarzenegger along with a strong supporting cast of musclebound actors. Arnold's character, Dutch, is called along with his team to rescue hostages in a country located in South America. Dutch teams up with a CIA agent known as Dillon and informs him that his team only does rescue missions in which Dillon complies and tells Dutch that that will be exactly what they will be doing. Eventually, Dillon and Dutch along with Dutch's team set off on the mission. They find Hopkins and his crew skinned alive with no clues on how this came to be. The team makes it to the compound but were too late to rescue the hostages. They eliminate all hostiles save for one woman known as Anna. The team finds out that Dillon had hidden motives which went against their code of conduct along with risking their lives. The team make their way to the rendezvous only to be picked off one by one by the Predator.

    Movie Clips

  5. Summary​​

    The "Predator" is an advanced and cryptic extraterrestrial species. The predator debuted in the film Predator (1987) and would return in the following films: Predator 2 (1990), Predators (2010), Alien vs. Predator (2004) and Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (2007).

    Predator is best recognized as a culturally savage hunter in which it performs trophy hunting of other species for sport.

    The design of Predator is credited to Stan Winston. Who ironically was speaking with Aliens director; James Cameron, on a flight to Japan in which Cameron suggested the Predator's mandibles.


    Predators are known to have a humanoid shape yet possess some features that make it distinguishable from a human being. They stand at a greater height than that of a human, have mandibles similar to arthropods and long, dreadlock-like quills along with reptilian type flesh.
    They show resilience to certain damage and have been seen to recover from multiple gunshot wounds fairly quick. They possess greater strength than most athletic adult humans and can destroy dense solid objects like steel or concrete. They move nimbly at great heights, such as jungle trees and high-rise buildings.
    Predators have a preference for hot and humid climates although have been seen to be able to tolerate extreme cold climates as well. Their blood is phosphor green in color and illuminates.

    The Predator's vision is debatable; portrayed as a red hue with limited shades in Predator (1987) or infrared in Predator 2 (1990). The hunting helmets owned by predators increases their ability to see in a far greater spectrum. A good example is a high-frequency ultraviolet seen in the Aliens vs Predator (2004). The helmets also filter any ambiance that may disrupt the predator's awareness of its surrounding.

    The Predator is capable of sustaining itself within Earth's atmosphere but is seen using a breathing apparatus after losing its helmet in Predator 2 (1990). In Predator 2 (1990), the government team that
    had been chasing the Predator have found out that it feeds regularly on the meat stored in the municipal slaughterhouse perhaps implying that it is a carnivorous creature.
    Throughout their film discography, Predators have been changing their cosmetic appearance with each new installment.
    In Predator 2 (1990), the main Predator was designed to look urbaner. A tribal ornamentation was implemented on the forehead, brighter skin color and a greater number of fangs.
    In Alien vs. Predator (2004), the appearance of the predators seemed to be bulkier. This also included a reduction in head and waist size, broader shoulders, a more muscular physique, piranha-like teeth on the upper jaw, and dry skin.
    In Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (2007), the predator reverted back to its thin and sleek design.
    The Super Predators in Predators (2010) were designed as leaner and taller than the "classic" Predator design, with long
    faces, tighter armor and with more swept back dreadlocks. They also had a larger skull with open layers of reddish flesh.
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