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AvP2 SinglePlayer Maps
  1. Time Bomb
    1. Managing Director
    2. Managing Director
     Artalavista- Artist
     Randomizer- Archiver


    by Artalavista

    Type: Marine Singleplayer map
    Game: Aliens vs. Predator 2


    "You find yourself in a room with blood splattered green tiles, and at the exit of the room there is a red laser barrier. When you go through it, the time starts to run and you have only five minutes to find the remote control to stop the countdown...A single player mission map where you find Yourself in a room with blood splattered green tiles, and at the exit of the room there is a red laser barrier."

    How to install:

    -Copy the ".REZ" file in your game folder.
    -Launch the game and access the options/settings menu.
    -In the Command Line section type "-rez TIMEBOMB.rez"
    -Enjoy the map !

    All credit goes to Artalavista and whoever helped make this possible. 


  2.  Credit:
     Psykore- Artist
     Randomizer- Archiver

     The Fear trilogy is one of the most famous and immersive custom maps for AvP2. The difficulty in these maps is fairly high as it needs you to conserve ammo and make timely decisions. The darkness in the maps also maintain an ambiance which instills fear in the player.

     It was critically acclaimed during its time, especially on Planet AvP where is earned well over a 9 out of 10 rating.

     Further notes on Installation when dealing with the .dat files associated in zip folder:

     1. Extract the Fear Dat file to the "Fox/AliensVsPredator2/Maps/Worlds/Custom" folder.
     If you don't have those folders - Maps/Worlds/Custom - in your AvP2 dir, then create them.

     2. Start AvP2.exe and type in the command line "-rez maps" (without quotes), then check 'always
     specify these command paramiters'

     3. Choose the 'Fear' level from the 'Custom' option in 'Single Player.'

    The FEAR Trilogy 
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    2. Managing Director
    3. Managing Director
    1. Managing Director
    2. Managing Director
    3. Managing Director
    FEAR 2
    1. Managing Director
    2. Managing Director
    3. Managing Director
    FEAR 2


     Architect- Artist & Archiver

      Survival is a complete and utter campaign overhaul rich with detail and very faithful to the original films. It is set as a prequel to the original AvP2  title.

     As a marine you are sent to investigate an operations complex which had just discovered the Xenomorphs settled in an underground cave. All hell  breaks loose and you must begin a rescue mission to save a team of scientists that ventured into the hive.

     The Predator missions revolve around your character initiating itself to become a fully pledged warrior as you embark inside an ancient and fallen  Space Jockey ship.

     Finally, the Alien campaign kicks you off as a Facehugger trying to begin building a sanctuary out of a colonial complex. 

     The maps themselves are very well paced and action packed, heralding this Singleplayer map as one of the preferential best of custom AvP2  content and a must have for any enthusiast.




    1. Managing Director
    2. Managing Director
    3. Managing Director
    4. Managing Director

  4.  Credit:
     Le Celticant- Artist
     Randomizer- Archiver


     a long ago, a warrior Yautjan (predator) found an old relic forged by
     the gods. this spear was called the gilded lance! the desired warrior
     yautjan to make the good with this weapons, but the others all yautjans
     were already corrupted? it decided to be withdrawn on a remote planet
     and from a temple, in which resides the gilded lance.

     We are in 2010, one of your companion has to find the trace of the gilded
     temple and then then volitilized brutally, without nobody knowing who did.
     the last transmission that it sent to you came from a planet being in the edge
     external of the galaxy, this planet naming tag' kel hu.
     Your mission is to find the lance gilded, to take it, to flee it and bring
     back to your elder of clan naming Celtic Elder Seidan.

     Special Thanks: Redclaw and Nivel 426 fo his textures and prefabs and Windebisite for
     his ai introduce in gold-temple.

    -Le Celticant

    Gold Temple
    1. Managing Director
    2. Managing Director
    3. Managing Director
    4. Managing Director
    5. Managing Director
  5. Island of the Dead
     Artalavista- Artist
     Randomizer- Archiver

     This single-player campaign promises to be an eerie addition to your collection. Based on the works of the Swiss symbolist painter Arnold Böcklin,  this campaign is designed for a spooky experience.
     The author recommends you quicksave often to avoid a surprising and gruesome demise.


  6.  Credit:
     Admiral Sleffton- Artist
     Randomizer- Archiver

    On a distant planet, LV 263, the Weyland-Yutani Corporation has established a mining and research facility. The planet's rich mineral deposits made it an ideal source for scientific development. However, the mineral mining facility has simply been a front for public and military eyes. In truth, the Yutani Corporation has discovered a subterranean xenomorph hive on the planet, and constructed the facility to gain access to the hive and conduct experimental research. Now, during one of the most critical experiments, the facility has suffered a power loss. Something has gone wrong. Unable to mount a timely investigation themselves, the Yutani Corporation has asked the marines to investigate the situation. So, after arriving to the planet by dropship, your marine team has set course for the mining facility via APC. Just another routine mission to restore communications at a mineral mining facility and clean up after the Yutani Corporation again.....or so you thought.

    1. Managing Director
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    3. Managing Director
    4. Managing Director
  7. Coffee Break
     Emeral_Yautja- Artist
     Global AvP- Archiver

    Coffee_Break Info
    By: Emerald_Yautja August 29th, 2003

    Part 1: How To Install:

    Step 1: Place the file Coffee_Break.dat in the maps folder:

    Put Coffee_Break.dat in: Whatever your Aliens Versus Predator 2 folder
    is. Then if you don't have a Maps folder in there, make one. In
    maps you need another folder named Worldsm, and finally the file goes into a folder named
    Custom. So in short the file goes in:

    C:\ (or the letter of your hard drive) AVP2\Maps\Worlds\Custom.

    Step 2: Type " -rez maps " in the command line.

    When the Aliens Versus Predator 2 start up opens, click on the options
    button in the bottom right. In there you need to type:
    " -rez maps " (no quotation marks) into the command line box.
    Below that box is a button labelled always specify command line
    parameters, that needs to checked.

    Step 3: Your Done.

    The map Coffee_Break should appear in the Custom list under single player.

    Part 2: The Story:

    Its your first day of active duty in the corps, fresh out of training you
    have been assigned to an outpost/research & development facility on the planet
    "Eutopa792", which is basically a big hot rainy jungle. Its your break, private,
    go get some coffee, but be back at your post in 5 minutes.

    Part 3: About the level:

    The fisrt objective "this is a human objective" should read get some coffee.
    ***small bug: The door in the dropship I wish wasn't there, but you can walk right through
    it to get into the cockpit.

    I hope you enjoy my level, and I plan on making many more soon.

    Part 4: About Me:

    Internet name: Emerald_Yautja
    Real Name: Matthew Schiller
    E-Mail Address: [email protected]

    I live in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada.

    Now go play it.


  8.  Credit:
     Windebieste- Artist
     Randomizer- Archiver

    My Thanks Goes to These People:

    To Monolith for creating AvP2.
    To Herr Alien for creating the new Victim counter present in the HUD display.
    To Hevoc who created the original Hadleys Hope map that was the inspiration for this Project.
    To the guys who beta tested this map: Herr Alien, jegu, Le Celticant and Moosehead.
    To Chris Beaver for the great skybox textures that really help to set this map in its proper environment.
    To everybody who downloads this map and sends feedback. Many hours of work went into this, feedback is appreciated.
    To my wife, the Evil Devilfish

    Contract J.A.C.K. maps : A Cellar Full of Secrets - Multiplayer only map.

    F.E.A.R. maps : CTF SPACE PIRATES! - Capture the Flag only map.

    Wow... heaps of friggin' maps! This list is getting long. ;)


    'Hostile Appetite' is copyright, Windebieste, November, 2009.

    Other Authors may NOT use the included hostileappetite.rez file or its contents as a base to build additional levels for financial gain. You are NOT permitted to commercially exploit 'Hostile Appetite', i.e. put it on a CD or any other electronic medium that is sold without my written permission. Extracting, disseminating and distributing individual contents of the hosileappetite.rez file is strictly forbidden.

    You MAY distribute this custom made level and associated files included with it free of charge through any electronic network as long as the file contents remain complete and unchanged and may not be modified in any way.

    This text file MUST accompany the map's distribution in its entirety.

    Please... Do let me know what you think of this map. Any feedback, including bug reports, is appreciated.

    If you do post any videos of this map on YouTube, please send me a link.

    Enjoy... =)


    Hostile Appetite
    1. Managing Director
    2. Managing Director
    3. Managing Director
    4. Managing Director

  9.  Credit:
     Windebieste- Artist
     Randomizer- Archiver

    Under the Hunter's Moon' is a multi-level Single Player campaign based on the 20th Century Fox movie, 'Alien vs Predator' (2004) explored from the Perspective of one of the Predator initiates that enters the pyramid. The Campaign is structured to follow the events of the AvP movie up until the point where two young Predators are killed by the Alien known as 'Grid'. That event does not occur in this Campaign and an alternate narrative branches just prior to this incident. You will be required to combat Humans and Aliens; and solve environmental obstacles and puzzles. Your goal is to complete specific Objectives in order to survive and finish the Campaign. You will then finally be acknowledged as worthy to join the the 'Brothers of the Spear' Clan as a fully fledged member of their Hunter caste

    Under The Hunter's Moon
    1. Managing Director
    2. Managing Director
    3. Managing Director
    4. Managing Director
    5. Managing Director
    6. Managing Director
  10. Metro Station
     Flyte, Hevoc, Guus and {Aero} GPS - Artist
     Global AvP- Archiver



    This single player mission once started, with two unfinished maps, from The Flying Scotsman, and Hevoc.

    The Flying Scotman (Flyte) once started some kind of temple.
    And Hevoc onces started on some industry / factory kind of map.

    I joined it together, and added parts, like the sewer, the railway tunnel, the hive, and most corridors, about 95% of all enemies, most switches and triggers, and lights.

    Both mappers will still regonize their work though.

    This is my first single player mission. You might have played my multiplayer maps though, HQ, Maya, Factory and Enterprise.

    Thanks to the mapping comunity at, for help and hints. The map would not have been finished without you.

    Thanks to everybody who tested the beta version, youre feed back realy helped.

    I had this idea. I wanted to have a pred spear stuck to the wall, and not just for decoration only.

    I also wanted to make the player pick up an TNT box.

    Then I wanted some levers. (Like thombraider, pull a lever to unlock a door.


    To install the map.
    Put the rez file in your \Fox\Aliens vs. Predator 2 folder.
    Start Avp2, go to options.
    Check: always specify these command-line pararmeters

    Type in th box above this: -rez MS.REZ (or copy paste it, from this txt file)
    Start the game, single player, custom, and there you should see a map called Metrostation

    (If you have a custom folder and put the map in there,
    the comand kine should show:
    -rez custom/MS.REZ

    (When there is already a rez command, put one space between the two rez commands)

    Then start AvP2, single player, custom.
    The map called Metrostation, should show there.
    Have fun!


    Mission objectives:

    Its simple, kill the Queen !

    To have the team follow you press E (use key default = e )
    To have them hold ground use E again.
    Pick up and place tnt crate, use E.

    Now if you have problems completing the map, I will give have some hints / spoilers.
    So dont read on if you dont wanna read spoilers.

    If you want the ed file, just send me an email.

    [email protected]

    And I dont know who started this, but yes the map has a monkey in it.
    (Its not very well hidden, and there is no penalty for not spotting the monkey.)

    All mission objectives should be met, otherwise the map will not finish.

    {AERO} Gps



    Spoiler alert !

    Find the key card, and pick up the TNT crate. (use key, defaul E)
    Open the gate with the lever, in the room which you unlock with keyvard.

    Find right spot to place the TNT crate. (The green marker will apear, then press E)
    X marks the spot.

    Find your way through the temple, find the armor and Health, and the lever to unlock the exit of the temple, also find your marine team, and can help you against the preds.(press E to have them folow you, and hit E again to have tem stay put.
    Continue towards the industry / factory part.
    Find your way to the generator room.
    Start the generators.
    Find your way up and find the console and press it.
    Now finish off the bitch !
    Now find the APc and board.

    More spoiler alert!
    Some extra help needed on temple part ?

    I already deleted one Predator, to make it a bit more easy.

    When you enter the temple you will find a pred, with the spear behind him on the wall.
    Rotate the spear to see a door open. Behind that door there is armor and heath.
    Then find your team, and the lever to unlock the exit.
    now go back to the dark hall with pilars.

    When you hear a predator scream, he has seen you.
    Now back off, watch your motion tracker and lay down 4 spiders mines per pred if they come after you.
    Do not kill your team members ! Use them as cover.
    I made the predators patrol, so they show up on your motion tracker.

    You might wanna hit F6 (quick save)
    After you made it out of the sewer.
    After you killed the first pred in the temple and found health armor and weapons.
    When entering the part after the temple.
    After activating the console.