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AvP (2010)
Swarm Map Pack
Bug Hunt Map Pack
AvP (2010) Skins
AvP (2010) Mods
Much like the previous title, AvP2010 revolves its story around a distressed colony that's occupants vanished before rescue. Weyland Yutani successfully managed to both locate and explore a hidden pyramid belonging to the predator race, activating a signal in the process.

Prior to this incident, an experimental alien named Six is introduced to us as the story's first protagonist. As the signal from the pyramid disrupts the electricity generated throughout the compound; Six manages to escape and free his/her siblings. This in return causes the compound and colony to be overrun with a xenomorph infestation.
Sometime after, the predators receive a distress call from a group of novices on the planet and respond immediately. Upon their arrival they encounter a Conestoga-class spaceship; a marine transport frigate dubbed The Marlow. The Marlow, also on the planet for a distress call, is destroyed by the massive predator vessel.

This forces the marines to land near the colony via dropship. During the drop, however; the marine player is hit unconscious by loose cargo. The marine has no name but an alias: Rookie.
Rookie awakens in a dark lit room and is given instructions to progress through the colony by fellow marine; Tequila.

Before this event and just during the destruction of The Marlow, three predator landing pods are seen to be ejected from the massive predator vessel. One of the pods belongs to the predator player: Dark.
Dark lands upon a forested area located nearby the colony in search of a fallen clan mate. After finding his fallen comrade he ventures through the jungle and makes an appalling discovery...