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AvP Classic Mods
  1. MelPyth

     MELANIKUS - Designer?

     Olde - Archiver

    This pack contains the original release (M4) AND AN UPDATED VERSION (M5) of the MelPyth mod. Contains new weapons (shotgun, sniper rifle, M79 grenade launcher, revolver), new functions, new commands, new textures, new sounds, 3rd-person perspective, and more. Note: This mod requires AvP Gold Edition and an older graphics card and/or OS in order to display the levels properly. M4, the original release, may still be found online in some places, but M5 has never been released. This is the ONLY place to get it. Both versions were developed by Melanikus and Python. TO INSTALL: Add the contents of either mod to wherever you have AVP installed. Read the read_me for full details. MANY THANKS TO MELANIKUS FOR MAKING THIS AVAILABLE TO ALL!!!!!

    Shot Gun Level Pack
    For MelPyth Mod only, adds shotgun pickups to SP. Originally the MelPyth mod only had the shotgun selectable from multiplayer, but no longer! You shall now embrace the mighty warrior within and use the shotgun to cut through all obstacles in your way. A shotgun pickup will always be located at or near your starting point, before the first enemy. However, the pickup looks like a pulse rifle. This is because there doesn't exist a shotgun pickup model in the game, so pick up anything that looks like a pulse rifle!

    DOWNLOAD Melpyth
    DOWNLOAD Shotgun Pack
  2. Cancer Black

     Eldtrich- Project Lead, Programming & Additional Level Design

     S_Hole- Level Design, 3d & 2d Art and Cutscenes
     Apocalypse Crow- 3d Art and Cutscenes
     Reb Lev- Sound Engineer
     Droneboy- Voice Acting
     Kipling- 2d Art
     Scythewraith- Level Design
     Olde - Archiver

    It is the most extensive mod for AvP as it changes a great number of gameplay aspects, adds new models and maps, has its own single-player campaign, features new playable species, and overall completely changes the feel of the game. The best description I can come up with for the mod is that it "AvP2-izes" AvP1. That is, it basically takes all the features that Monolith changed from AvP1 to AvP2 and tries to recreate them in AvP Gold. This isn't a perfect one-to-one analogy--after all, the mod does use its own original maps--but the similarities are too great to disregard. The gameplay is significantly slower, the marine has many more tools, such as a welder and a limited number of flares, there's a walk/run toggle, the alien pounces, there's a life-cycle mode, the predator has more weapons (many of which feel random), such as the netgun and combi-stick, the multiplayer is more team-based, requiring communication and coordination, and it also has vehicle-riding levels. Although it only works if you have Gold Edition, you can get it running if you have an old enough version of DirectX or if you use the  dgVoodoo fix. -Olde

  3. Bot Loader
     UberFox - Designer
     Olde - Archiver

    The bot loader is a program designed to allow users to spawn any normally spawnable bot they want in any level for AvP Classic 2000. The bot loader pre-loads all spawnable bots on every level when it is activated. Typically, it is only possible to spawn the bot types that are available in a particular map. AvP Gold users could get around this problem by typing -lampcxtr (-l standing for load, then a for alien, m for marine, p for predator, c for civilian, x for xenoborg, t for praetorian, r for predalien), however, this feature was not included in sirlemonhead's code at the point that Rebellion took his work to create AVP Classic 2000. The bot loader comes as a passive function on uMod. It is only useful for spawning bots, which is only possible in debug mode.

  4. Graphical Redux

     Mad Max RW- Archiver

    The Redux Mod is a graphical enhancement mod for AVP Classic. It uses primarily 1024x1024 textures. It includes ENBSeries .dll's for light bloom. Textures are used from AVP2, AVP2010, an AVP2 graphical update mod, and original AVP textures are raised to a higher resolution in PhotoShop. 
    Some parts of the original campaign levels are extended. For instance, the beginning of the first Predator level, Waterfall, includes an extension by Bladeghost from the second level of the Cancer Black mod. The third Marine mission, Invasion, includes a back area from the Alien bonus mission and also features a ladder that leads the player to an upper area with an alien queen. The sixth Predator mission, Battle, has a preliminary platforming extension.
    The ModDB site also features alternative skins for the alien, predator, and various weapons. -Olde

  5. UMod

     Designers: Olde and UberFox

    uMod is a mod for Aliens versus Predator Classic 2000 that aims to rebalance and update the game to modern times. uMod is created by UberFoX with creative input from Olde. It uses the programming language developed by UberFoX called Sputnik. We are working entirely WITHOUT THE SOURCE CODE so any and all help would be extremely appreciated. -Olde