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Aliens Colonial Marines Skins


  1. Aliens:CM Skin Pack
    Artist - War_Crimes
    This Skin Pack retextured the marines to possess a sharper contrasting color. The map table is also retextured and LT Gorman replaces the officer.
    Traditional M41A Pulse Rifle
    Artist - DieVarieties
    This skin replaces the Pulse Rifle to look more like what we saw in James Cameron's Aliens. 
    Reduced Glow Spitter Alien
    Artist - AvPGalaxy
    This removes the obnoxious glow found on the Spitter Alien. It gives off a more natural vibe now that the Spitter can blend in the shadows.
    Recoloured Underslung Shotgun for Pulse Rifle
    Artist - robpalmer
    This corrects what some might call a contrasting texture found with the shotgun addon for the Pulse Rifle. 
    Proper Pulse Rifle Retexture
    Artist - agatsuma
    This completely changes the pulse rifle to give it a more realistic complexion. 
    Custom Helmet, Chest & Shoulder Emblems
    Artist - AvPGalaxy
    These neat emblems are inspired from the films. The downloads for the Chest is on a separate page from the Helmet & Shoulder.
    Helmet & Shoulder