New fan art added! This piece shows an Alien about to get devastated by a pack of Predators. The details on this fanart are really one of a kind.

Be sure to check out a newly added script. This fan script is about Sonic characters facing off against Aliens and Predators.

That's a clean burning hunt I tell ya'hwat!
- Propane Predator
New fan art added! Take a look at this neat artistic rendition of Aliens fighting Predators!


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  1. Summary

    Aliens vs Predator; one of the most recognized crossovers ever created. Aliens vs Predator debuted as a Dark Horse special that pitted the monsters together between 1989 and 1990. The series would then expand to games and films. Although the game titles were well received by critics during their time the films were not. This caused a bit of a demerrit to the franchise's overall reputation.

        Regardless, the materials provided more into the species respectively and allowed for a more larger scope to be observed. Aliens vs. Predator (2004) brought forth the notion that predators use ritual pyramids to hunt aliens for sport and tribal initiation something not confirmed within the expanded universe. 

    The expansive universe also includes novels and comics which delves in more depth of the franchise as a whole.


           Aliens and predators have a rivaling history that goes as far back as the early civilization of humanity as seen on Aliens vs. Predator (2004).
    Predators breed aliens for the sole purpose of placing them in an arena to hunt them specifically. Once the battle has turned into a success, the predators are then initiated as a full fledged warrior in their culture.

    Although the aliens are hunted for sport, they are in no way considered unhazardous due to the practice. The alien still mainatins the identity of being the most dangerous organism in the universe. As such this is why the predators choose to hunt them specifically and make them part of their traditions. 

    The temple concept has been known as a staple trademark for Aliens vs Predator, being included in serveral expanded universe materials such as later comics and games. Most notably, the Aliens vs Predator (2010) game centralized a large portion of its setting to the temple idea in which it is lodged beneath the surface. 

    The consequence of failing the initiation can be seen as somewhat messy seeing as the aliens unmatched would find a way to expand their presence on the planet they are residing on.

     This is met with a certain compromise. In Aliens vs Predator Requiem (2007); an elite predator whom works as an exterminator embarks on an objective that requests of them to completely exterminate all alien life forms in case of a containment breach.

      The elite predator equips itself specifically to eradicate the alien threat with acid proof weapons and armor as well as a liquid that melts alien corpses. 

     This is prompted to the elite via distress signal in which it prepares immediately for a haste journey through the cosmos to arrive on the targeted planet, in this case, Earth...
  2. Temples

    Within the Aliens vs. Predator lore, temple's play a huge significance in the universe. In fact, some of the popular titles within the franchise, particularly the (2004) film and (2010) game, have made temples a centerfold within their settings. Predators commence a rite of passage for initiates to take on Aliens within these said temples. They have appeared in many different comics and a level within the (1999) AvP Classic game had temples in its Alien campaign. Athough the temple is canon within the AvP universe, the same can not be said for the Alien universe.  The Predator universe on the other hand refers to these temples as being canon and thus are apart of the general lore surrounding it. In the (2004) Alien vs. Predator film, it has been established that these temples were constructed by Predators for the purpose of bringing humans for sacrifice. The humans used for sacrifice would be incubated by a Facehugger who would then give birth to an Alien. These Aliens would be contained and then let loose within the temples so that Predators can defeat them for their initiation while contemporarily making trophies of them.

     Alien vs. Predator 2004

                   Although a temple did appear in Alien versus Predator Classic, the developers at the time probably intended for them to belong to the Engineers. It was not until Paul W. S. Anderson's Alien vs